Powell Exhorts Students to Develop Their Personal Brands

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ALLENTOWN, Pa. (November 2014) - David P. Powell, president of Kilronan Professional Services, recently lectured to students in the Intro to Professional Writing class at Cedar Crest College in Allentown.

Powell’s central message to the students was to avoid boxing themselves into the category of “writer,” emphasizing that in most fields, writing is best marketed as a skill, not a profession. He told students to take an entrepreneurial approach to their own careers, emphasizing the importance of building their personal brands, engaging in smart self promotion, and knowing when and how to specialize for a particular industry.

“David was engaging, candid, and funny,” said class instructor Joanna Ireland. “His professional insights were extremely informative and relevant for the job market that will face these students upon graduation. Several of them approached me after his visit to tell me how much they enjoyed his presentation. I’m looking forward to having him speak to future classes.”

Powell shared selected examples from his own professional copywriting work as well as a number of anecdotes and lessons learned from his experience in the media and public relations fields.

“It’s fun to be up in front of a classroom for the first time since grad school,” said Powell, who earned a master’s degree in history from Villanova University. “But it’s also gratifying to be able to impart to students some of the things I wish people had told me when I was in their shoes. They’re going to be entering a professional marketplace that bears little resemblance to the one their parents have described to them, and the fewer illusions they have, the more success they’re likely to enjoy.”

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